Call to all runners

Published: Thursday, 13 October 2011

The time is now to get involved!

The planning for Speed of Lightis well underway and following on from our successful trial runs in August we have started planning our next rehearsal. We are looking for 150 volunteer runners to help us continue to trialroutes, movements and other choreography on Arthur's Seat before the big event next year.

Are you and any of your running enthusiast friends available and willing to take part on Saturday 29ththOctober 1.30pm -5.30pm? Thoseaged 16 or17can also take part if they attend with an adult.

If so, please reply by Friday 14h October to

We are also looking for 20 peopleto stay on after the main rehearsal to try out the new and improved prototype light suits on the hill, so if you are interested in this too, please let us know. This will take place from 6pm -8pm.

This is your chance to be part of Speed of Lightbeforewe launch the runner opportunities nationwide at the end of the month and will mean that you get to register as a runner before anyone else and secure your place in what promises to be the best run of your life!

Please don't bring any bags, extra clothes, etc. that you will need to leave behind when on the hill as we don't have the capacity to look after these for you. There are facilities nearby to lock upbikes, but please be aware that you will be leaving your bike at your own risk.

We will be meeting on the parade ground on Queen's Drive at the baseof Arthur's' Seat (map below).

Please dress for the weather!

Arthurs Seat Meeting Point

Saturday 29th October 2011, 1.30pm.