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The following documents are available for download. Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Reader.

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Activcity Funding Application 2013

The Activcity Funding Programme supports events that promote sport and physical activity within the city. To find out more and apply please refer to the following downloads.

Activcity Funding Programme 2013/14 - Application (PDF)

Size: 551.81 KB

Estimated download time: (56k = 1 mins 21 secs)

Activcity Funding Programme 2013/14 - Activcity Guidance Notes

Prior to completing the Activcity Funding Application, you should read over the attached guidance notes. It gives more information about the funding criteria & support to complete the application.

Activcity Funding Programme - Activcity Guidance Notes (PDF)

Size: 515.62 KB

Estimated download time: (56k = 1 mins 17 secs)